so i’m back in uni again.

i’d been so bored… i longed for the summer, then the summer came then i longed for the ‘order‘ and the ‘systematicness‘ and the busyness and the anxiety that came with being in uni ..

my first day of lectures i was there an hour early… eager and excited …

i didn’t seem to mind that outside was basically a storm so inside was humid and wet and smelled of a concoction of scents and smells …. exasperation and cheap perfumes, egg sandwiches and coffee and bananas and everything else associated with student life…

i didn’t seem to mind… until the realisation sank into my head that i’d be running around each morning till 6PM, making sense of 6 hour lectures and 2 hour seminars and assignments and journals and deadlines after deadlines oh and parking and packed lunches for my daughter and her deadlines and her needs and making do with the fact that theres only one me so these two hands and this one body is all i have to get through it.

come back summer..

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