About me

My name is Andile. I’m also known as Sam but lately i prefer my African name…. for reasons.

I’m 23 years old and i have a 6 year old daughter. I’m a university student. I like to write and when i write i ramble. I like to talk and when i talk i waffle. My blog will be all my ‘streams of consciousness’.


…for me …. to share my journey…

I’ve always found writing therapeutic and have wanted to inspire others, but was always too afraid to take it to a blogging/vlogging level because i felt that people would find me uninteresting… and boring…

My anxiety would not let me take that step… it was overwhelming to think that i’d accrue more cyber attack than support.

In fact, its that anxiety that stopped me from doing a lot of things in my life that i feel i’d be good at… whether it be get married…. be part of a big group of friends….theatre , youtube, writing…..anything.

But recently, a friend of mine started vlogging and she has found such joy from doing it. She says that she does it for her and if, at the end, she manages to inspire or make even 1 fan, its a bonus. I guess she gave me the courage too. I’m excited to share my journey.


Anything and everything. I have a lot of stories. I’ve experienced a lot of things. From mental health, fashion, literature, friendships – lost and gained, single parenthood, abusive relationships…. anything….


Since a young age, i’ve always felt like nobody truly understands me. If i can manage to reach out to even 1 person who can find inspiration in what i share, i’ll be happy.

Life is so lonely and hard for some of us. Some, like me, hide under the mask of “getting on with it” that we do a good job of concealing just how alone we feel. I also find writing therapeutic. If i manage to help myself while simultaneously helping someone else, i will be happy.

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